Web resources

For everything you want to look up about a protein:  Uniprot

For protein structure coordinates:  rcsb

National cryo-EM data collection facilities funded by the NIH:

NYSBC course on cryo-EM with slides and videos:  here


Cryo-EM Crash Course – Summer 2021

I will be leading a cryo-EM discussion group this summer geared towards cryo-EM newcomers.  We will be utilizing Grant Jensen’s tutorial videos and meeting once a week to discuss the material.  If you would like to participate, please contact me.  I do expect that you will watch the videos before each meeting and come ready to participate in the discussion.  This group is not meant for someone looking to learn via passive diffusion.  You may also want to begin reading the new cryo-EM book edited by Glaeser, Nogales, and Chiu, but this is not required.  Please see below for the schedule.  Further details and dates to come soon.

Week 1 – June 23, 10AM

Basic anatomy of the electron microscope – Part 1 videos

Week 2 – July 7, 10AM

Fourier transforms and reciprocal space – Part 2 videos

Week 3 – July 14, 10AM

Image formation – Part 3 videos

Week 4 – July 21, 10AM

Fundamental challenges in biological EM – Part 4 videos

Week 5 – July 28, 10AM

Tomography – Part 5 videos

Week 6 – August 4, 10AM

Single-particle analysis – Part 6 videos

Week 7 – August 11, 10AM

2-D crystallography – Part 7 videos