For everything you want to look up about a protein:  Uniprot

A huge collection of online tools for analyzing proteins and other biological macromolecules:  Expasy

Structural biology

For protein structure coordinates and data:  rcsb

Public repository for cryo-EM maps and tomograms of macromolecular complexes and subcellular structures:  EMDB

Public resource for raw EM and ET images:  EMPIAR

National cryo-EM data collection facilities funded by the NIH:


Powerful graphical viewer for protein structures:  PyMOL

Programs for the interactive visualization and analysis of protein structures and maps:  Chimera and ChimeraX

A suite of structural biology applications (by paid subscription):  SBGrid

Online learning

NYSBC course on cryo-EM with slides and videos

Grant Jensen’s tutorial videos on all things EM

CryoEM 101 with videos, animations, interactive simulations, and real data to help you learn cryo-EM

Cryo-EM book edited by Glaeser, Nogales, and Chiu

UC Davis

Molecular and Cellular Biology Department website

Biological Electron Microscopy facility website

Biochemistry, Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology graduate group website

Biophysics graduate group website

Training grants and awards open to graduate students

College of Biological Sciences training grants

College of Biological Sciences awards

Awards and scholarships open to undergraduates interested in research

Through the College of Biological Sciences

Undergraduate Research Programs

Research Awards

Conferences of interest

Biophysical society

Microscopy & Microanalysis

American Crystallographic Association

Protein Society

3DEM Gordon Research Conference

Phosphorylation and G-Protein Mediated Signaling Networks Gordon Research Conference

American Society for Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics