Lab Holiday Party!

Hanging out on Halloween

Lauren dressed as a cow

No more appropriate place to find a cow at the bench than at UC Davis!

We had a fun time at the MCB T32 retreat!

Lab photo – Sept 2023

Matt has decided to join the Cash Lab!

Matt’s presentation at the BMCDB Spring Colloquium

Jen and Lauren teach at the Cold Spring Harbor Cryo-EM Course

Jen leading the cryoSPARC tutorial

How to use a Vitrobot

Good times making graphene oxide-coated grids

The Class

We found P-Rex on 5th Ave?

Touring NYC on our half-day, at Central Park

Brainstorming session – March 2023

Lab members at a brainstorming session

Complete with drinks and air fryers!


Cash lab holiday party

Lab photo – Sept 2022

Lauren and Jonathan on the Glacios

Alex is headed to grad school at the University of Michigan!

Lab photo – June 2022

The lab attends their first conference – the Phosphorylation and G-Protein Mediated Signaling Networks GRC

Jen’s postdoc advisor, John Tesmer, playing pool with Lauren

We got stuck in Boston due to flight cancellations, and tried to make the best of it!

Lauren achieves candidacy with flying colors!

Lauren with her cake that says "Congrats, you PhD candid'it!" Lauren popping a champage bottle

Lauren at the NCCAT cryo-EM training workshop

…to open another lab space.

Closing down one lab space…


Construction in the new lab space is coming along nicely!

Lab photo – Oct 2021

Lab photo – Aug 2021

Potluck at Dr. Cash’s house

Lauren freezing grids on the GP2

Lab photo – July 2021

The end of Lauren’s rotation – we walked to the park and got food, and then got drenched by the rain!

Our lab outing to celebrate Lauren joining our lab! Of course it rained.

Our lab outing to celebrate Lauren joining our lab! Of course it rained.

We’re finally starting to get plastics!

First lab celebration with pizza and drinks!


The lab space is starting to come together

The office space is shaping up

Let’s do this!